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  • Data Transfer From Previous SIS
  • Initial Product Setup
  • Initial Product Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Custom Features & Modules

Are you considering or implementing PowerSchool SIS?

Looking for an SIS?

If you are looking for a new student information system we can provide you with an in-depth and independent consultation on how PowerSchool might be able to meet and exceed your needs.


Our PowerSchool specialists can walk you through the features, reports and possibilities that could be incorporated if you choose PowerSchool.

Note: We are an independent company and do not work for PowerSchool.

Implementing PowerSchool

If you are already a PowerSchool client but in the early stages of implementation, we can help reduce the anxiety and stress on your staff that comes with changing such a critical core application.


Our experts can ensure the best possible user experience on initial roll-out for your technical team all the way through to your school based staff.​​​

Smiles all around with a smooth PowerSchool roll-out!


PowerSchool is unique in that it can be customized to your particular needs.

  • Don't like how a menu is setup?​

  • Need additional fields to collect more data?

  • Need a feature that is not available in the stock product?


No Problem! We can customize your PowerSchool and PowerTeacher to suit your specific needs. No additional annual costs or fees, just the features and user interface you want.

​Here are a few of the features that we have created for our clients:

  • Custom Pages

    • Admin Portal

    • PowerTeacher Portal

    • Parent Portal

  • Custom Menus

    • Clean up the clutter and only show items that ​

  • Custom Reports & Data Mining

    • School Level​

    • District/Division Level

    • PowerTeacher Reports

    • Parent Reports

  • Custom Modules such as:

    • IEPs​

    • Finance

    • Attendance Tracking

    • Parent Teacher Scheduler

    • Permission/Event Forms

    • Volunteer Tracking

    • Attendance Tracker

  • Custom Alerts​

Contact us for a free customization consultation or demonstration.

Training & Support

Proper training will help reduce the stress and anxiety for your staff.


Well trained staff will greatly increase your organization's efficiency - saving you time and money while maintaining staff morale and enthusiasm. Staff will be able to focus on what is important without struggling with the software application.



Being both a PowerSchool Champion as well as a PowerSchool Certified PowerTeacher Pro Power User we can provide hands-on training to groups or individuals, whichever best suits your organization's needs.

When leveraged to its fullest, PowerSchool can be used by virtually all departments in a school district/division, including senior administration. We can train each group of employees to show them how PowerSchool can be a valuable tool to make their jobs more efficient.

Just a short training session can go a long way to ensure your staff  are comfortable with using (and exited about) PowerSchool and PowerTeacher.


We can also provide your organization with on-going PowerSchool support, either through an informal request system or ticket management system.

Providing the right training and support will help your organization create a great PowerSchool User Experience!

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